Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The shower reveal...

I don't know what you are expecting to see "revealed" but if it's some gorgeous tile in my bathroom, then browse away! I've been impatiently waiting for nearly two weeks to get these up. I took pictures of the progress nearly every night but I decided it would be worth the wait and the "wow" factor to show the final view first rather than the gradual completion. You'll notice I didn't wait for the grout, but you get the idea. The plumber is waiting on the grout before he finishes the plumbing fixtures. The oil rubbed bronze trim should really stand out on this light colored tile. They still need to do the partial glass block wall that extends out from the wall shown in this picture.

The round window facing west...
Here is a shot of the floor after the pebble stone was grouted in. We love how it turned out and he did a great job with it. It has a great texture to it and I can't wait to feel it with bare feet!

They have also been busy with the trim work in the new addition. The downstairs is complete and they made a lot of progress today on the bedroom upstairs. Here is a shot of the custom trim he is doing around the large windows upstairs:

Trim work on the large round top window facing east in the new upstairs addition:

The downstairs bathroom is complete. They haven't given us the green light to actually use it but everything is hooked up and should be good to go as soon the new water softner system is hooked up.

The laundry room is complete after three attempts at the countertop! They still have to do the sink cut out so keep your fingers crossed it all goes well! We're hoping to move the washer and dryer in there soon so bring your laundry and come on over!

Today I am thankful for:
1) Sunshine and a 60 degree day (even if they are predicting snow in two days!)
2) The first sign of my tulips and daphodils in the landscaping!
3) The opportunity to see my brother in his element as he coached his basketball team to a 22-3 season and an 18 game winning streak. Way to go Marauders!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's behind door #3???

There's not a lot to show you behind the doors, but boy do I love showing the doors themselves. A few words come to mind: Gorgeous. Beautiful. Amazing. Hubby says it's only because it finally makes it look like a real house. I say it's because they are truly gorgeous, beautiful, and amazing! I can only imagine what they will be like when they actually have trim around them. I can also imagine them throughout the old part of the house as well. SOMEDAY! Probably not in the budget this go around, but what a difference they do make. Here's a few of the various rooms:

Laundry Room with frosted glass:

Storage Room Closet:

Downstairs Bathroom:

Upstairs bathroom:

They also got the pebble tile flooring in the shower. Here it is before the grout stage. He is sealing it today and will probably grout Monday. Hopefully the grout doesn't change the look too much! It feels so smooth on your feet when you stand on it... like one of those stone massages almost!

Today I am thankful for:
1) The fact that we got an inch plus of rain last night instead of the 8+ inches of snow it would have been if it were colder!
2) A dinner date with the hubby while the kids went to a play with grandma and grandpa.
3) My brother's amazing basketball season and his talented coaching abilities! Goodluck in your post-season tournament!!!!