Saturday, October 23, 2010


Since we've been under construction the past year or so, our living conditions have been less than ideal for the kids to have a friend or two over for a play date, much less for a full blown slumber party. So... after a year of "I promise when this is over you can do ______ (insert kid's wish here), I was more than happy to follow through on a few. The first and biggest was for Allison to have a group of friends over for a birthday/slumber party.

It all began Thursday after school. We decided to take advantage of no school on Friday and the 3 day weekend to recover! I offered to pick them up, but for some reason riding the bus is SOOOO much cooler when you have friends!

They played in the barn, chased the horses, rode the 4-wheeler, watched movies, played air hockey, painted pumkins, finger knitted, and much more. I didn't know those little bodies could pack so much energy!

We ended the second day with a Perfect Princess Tea Party at the historic Keystone Hotel. The girls had a wonderful time and the moms got to enjoy some down time with some pretty tasty food and a nice cup of tea!

Complete with tea and goodies, story time, craft, presents, and princess cake. What more could this group ask for?!?!

Happy Birthday to my little princess! We love you!!!