Saturday, March 31, 2012

When you get the call...

When my kids get off the bus in the afternoon, I either meet them at the house or they are supposed to call me to tell me they are home and I head that way.  Since we are only 5 minutes away, it works pretty well.  The other day, however, Gail got the call instead of me.  I happened to be standing near by and I could hear one of the kids yelling "THE 4-H CALVES ARE OUT!! COME HOME QUICK!!!".  So like any good dad would do, he replied, "Your mom is on her way!"

I was laughing the whole way home thinking about the conversation and when I got there, this is what I found:  1) Ally took charge and sent Nate to get the calves out of the garage while she notified the police a parent. 2) They sent the 4-H calves back in the general direction they came from, only to find that about 30 cows had also gotten out in the process.  3) Knowing the police and/or parents were on their way home, they did what any good farm kid would do... they got their afterschool snacks and stood guard while the cows had free range of our winter hay supply.  4) When I arrived, Nate was eating a sack of popcorn, Ally was shelling and eating peanuts, and the cows were eating hay and taunting us. 5) When I finished laughing, my helpers and I chased the whole bunch back into the pen and texted the boss to tell him the damage. 

Life on the farm... you just never know what to expect!!