Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ho Ho Ho...

So what do you think.... Have they been Naughty or Nice?!?!??!

This shot was taken after Ally's school program. That's cousin Brett in the middle!

Hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. We are still trying to clear a spot for a tree in the house!!! Will Santa still bring stuff if you don't have a tree??

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And what color is your house?

So I was giving directions to our house the other day and the salesman asked what color the house was. I replied "blue.... no actually brown.... well technically it looks a little green at the moment.... Honestly I'm not really sure what color my house is right now."

I suppose all of the above were correct on that given day. One side was the old blue siding, a couple of sides were green with the new house wrap, and one side was brown with the start of the new siding. IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I can hardly wait to see it on the addition. It really makes the windows stand out.

Here's the before (picture has the new soffit but still has the old windows)...

And here it is with a little sample of siding...

Notice the big ugly chimney has disappeared?!?! Yippee! It will look even better when we get all the trim work done. Now if the inside just looked this nice!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here comes the school bus!!!

Guess what? We can actually watch for the school bus now without standing with our head pressed to glass and our neck crooked at an angle to see to the North from a rather high West facing window! Confused? Me too. What I really mean is that we now have a beautiful tall casement window facing to the north in the living room so we (even the kids) can see the bus coming down the road without being a contortionist! And better yet, we have a door on the front of the house that you can actually use! Yes... I realize there was a door there before, but this one actually opens. And you can go out it. And it even closes. Woohoo!!!!

Here is a shot of the northeast corner of the house before. The wood stove is gone and the new window sits just behind where the stove originally was.
And now here it is with the new window...

And here is a shot of the old door. See the pretty insulation we had stuffed in between the door and the outside storm door in an attempt to slow down the wind from coming in??

And here is the new one. Insert drum roll here.....

Okay... so that's not really our house but that really is our door. Except ours still looks like this (minus one sidelite)...

Now dad doesn't have to nap in the lazy boy in that cold, drafty corner of the house when they come visit :)

Things are changing by the day. Our favorite thing to do when we come home is to go around each night and try to figure out what they've done that day. It's like a scavenger hunt for the kids!!!!